The Cottage Book Arts was created because of a friend's comments one day that the "shack" would be a perfect place to teach book binding, journal making, and various paper crafts etc. With the support from family and friends a dream was about to evolve....
After months of searching the internet for large decorative papers, and many trips to the USA to pick-up shipments from all over the world, the shack became a Cottage, where classes will be available to learn basic book binding techniques and create various other paper crafts, like cards, books, boxes, etc.
The Broad Edge, Issue 66 Langley, BC Autumn 2010:
Re-printed with permission by the Edmonton Guild Issue 95 Winter 2011
Jo's Book Review
After all these years of buying books I decided to challenge myself to make every book project in a book by Michael Jacobs called "Books Unbound" 
 I started at the very begining, it is a very good place to start! Michael walked you through each step and gave you lots of photos to help you and at the end gave you suggestions on alternate endings.  With one piece called "One-piece Cover Book" I felt it was un-necessarily using staples as the spine was large enough to be able to glue the pages in place.  Another thing I am personally not very interested in are books with feet, legs, risers etc. So I found myself using card stock that was very light weight, with the end result being, the book project will not last.  I must remind you that if you find yourself getting frustrated because your book does not work, ask yourself why and try and think...what if i do something different? There were a couple sections where I had a difficult time getting through the instructions like in the "Piano Hinge Journal" you have to cut away opposite squares in-order for the hinge to work.  I changed a couple things like in the "Wrap Around Journal" in section #3 from 3/4" to 1/2" and used the right edge not the left.  I had problems with the concertinal cabaret" calculations but in the end figured it out.  So remember it may not be you! I found most of the book easy to follow and if you use good quality card stock you will find your project end up being very beautiful. Mistakes happen and some times for the best, try to follow instructions then review what you have done, I then find myself saying....why this step or do I really need to do that? Look beyond the books' instructions and see more possibilities.  I did find a couple projects I really like and would do again, over all a good book where I glued an envelope on front cover for all my templates.
The Broad Edge. Issue 67 Langley, BC Winter 2010:
Jo's Book Review
I highly recommend the book called "Woven and Interlocking Book Structures" by Claire Van Vliet and Elizabeth Steiner, though it is an older book (2002) if you can get it, no library should be without it.  You ended up with 16 little books all the same size (4" x 5") that fit inside a slipcase.  I have never really tampered with weaving so much before and was thrilled when the instructions asked for Tyvek as I had bought some a year ago that I have not used.  Though I have never heard of "Elephant Hide" I now have a challenge to find some.  The book starts you out slowly with the weaving to some very beautiful pieces, remember it is all in the quality of paper you use and as we have a huge range to choose from these days the universe is our limit! This is the first book I have seen where I found each really fun to make! I could see myself adding text papers in front of the card stock, only I would make them a little smaller so that the card stock outlines the text paper and with some great patterns you can get from the dollar stores your little books can turn out spectacular! Of course I used mostly blue card stock but now you can get such a large variety of card stock, even double sided with or without glitter. Do not worry about the cover page as you do not actually make that one.  You are just shown the basic weaves and folds/cuts after that it is back to your own imagination! I would maybe increase the size of the card stock in-order to add pockets as I am a huge fan of pockets ever since my courses with Patty Grass in Oregon.  I did end up folding one the wrong way but after correcting decided I liked the wrong way better so changed back.  Remember books are guidelines to help you.